Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sad News

"If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers

One of the pups, little"Precious" had to be put down last week( right in photo above). Bev reports that the vet says she had parasites. Precious was one of the little runts that Bev had been keeping at her home early on, but was living up at the trailer now, while waiting for dog runs to be built. Bev got little "Precious" to the vet, but the most humane thing was to put her down. I believe the pup had serious diarrhea that couldn't be controled. In additon, emergency veterinary services are few and far between. Two others were showing similar symptoms, but have gotten to the vet earlier for treatment. China the pup on the left is one of the pups who went for treatment and is doing better.

Bev's internet access has been limited due to changes in her work's policies, so I am hearing from her only sporadically. She last reported she had appointments for the "girls" to be spayed on May 15. So I am sending her $300 this week from our pay pal stash. Hopefully this will cover the special veterinary care and the spaying services.

A carpenter is still needed to build a fence on the "lease", which would dramatically improve pup living conditions. I continue to admire Bev's efforts to save these abandoned animals from a carbon monoxide death at the land fill. Thanks to all of your for your prayers and support.
Here is an excerpt from a recent email from Bev.

"Your prayers worked, little Ghina is sliding through the gate to the run, just to get to the food, she didn't like the food much today, think she is getting spoiled to can dog food, but she is doing much better and Lucky ate all his food today. We had flooding saturday, I wrote to Wendy about it, I still have water in the yard, it was scary because it didn't lack much coming into the run where the pups are now, those on the hill had no problem. I'll be taking veruca and Bear to get spayed friday, I can't take china until she puts on some weight but I will make an appointment for her and ask if they can do Dayz and Samantha then also, that way it will get all the girls done and I won't have to worry about Sam getting any of them pg, he lives up there on the hill now, he goes home occasionally, well need to check all my emails, It's cool today and overcast so I can't get much of anything done. I'm going to get some straw and clean out the doghouses and give all of them (the multitude) fresh bedding. Got to run. "