Thursday, February 19, 2009

If you can't decide between
a Shepherd, a Setter or a Poodle,
get them all ... adopt a mutt!"
Just received a letter from Bev containing the veterinary receipts. As we indicated earlier 3 cats were "fixed" and given rabies shots for a total cost of $195. The second receipt is for Princess the dog and Tarbaby a female cat. Both were spayed and received rabies shots as well, the cost was $170.( You recall that is the exact amount Bev had saved for this project.) As indicated I sent a second $200 money order yesterday. Hopefully she will get it this weekend.

Keep Bev in your prayers, she works such late hours and then goes home to rest a bit before heading out to the vet. Granted she doesn't do this everyday, but there are lots of mouths to feed and areas to keep clean.

Bev is going to hold off taking more pets to the vet for a few weeks, she just got new tires on her truck and now the brakes are making a squealing noise that she wants to check out before she does too much more mountain driving. ( We think that's a great idea!)

Also continue to pray for the entire situation, sometimes the folks who abandoned the pets stop in to salvage some of the junk from the abandoned trailer.( Of course they pay no attention to the animals at all.) They left the animals alone Labor Day 2008, and have not fed them or paid any attention to them or attended to them in any way. Also remember that McDowell County has a less than satisfactory way of dealing with stray aninmals.

Right now we have around $350 in our paypal/chip in account. Where it will stay until Bev decides what the next step is at her end.

Tomorrow I'll drop off the film that Bev just sent, and we'll get some more photos posted in a few days.

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