Thursday, January 22, 2009

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
~Author Unknown

Bev calls these little fellas in the box,the Three Musketeers. "One for All, All for One".

More puppy close ups.

Thank you, again for your donations to Save the Sawmill Strays. Bev has heard back from two of the vets she contacted. She thinks she will work with the vet she normally takes her animals to. The price for the spaying and neutering services looks very similar to what is charged in the St. Louis area. Small dog neutering is $55, large dog $65. Small dog spaying is $75, large dog $85-$95. There is an additional charge of $25 if the animal is pregnant or in heat. Cat neutering is $35 and cat spaying is $65 plus an additonal $25 if the cat is pregnant. So that's the update on the anticipated costs for each animal.

Safely deposited in my paypal account, earning 1.8 % interest is $548.50. There was $478.50 donated through the Chip In and an additional $70 donated but not through the chip in. We had $20 in cash and I mailed that to Bev with 2 disposable cameras, so she can take some more photos. She will use the cash for whatever expenses she may have, such as a phone card, straw for the shed where the dogs are staying or to buy supplies to build a carrier. Whatever she needs to use it for.

Bev recently received a letter from a local woman who works with the Humane group. She helps Bev out with food for the dogs and cats but there is no room in the shelter.

"I've been thinking much about the animals the people deserted in the trailer. I'm hoping no one calls the dog warden. If you have been reading the paper, you know the Commissioners are cracking down on people who neglect or abuse their pets, but they do no better by putting them to a painful death by carbon monoxide poisioning at the landfill." She ends the letter to Bev by saying "I will do what I can to help you."

Prayers for Bev as she continues to take care of the abandoned animals, her own animals, and her numerous jobs that occupy her time. More updates will follow.

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