Sunday, January 11, 2009

Save the Strays with your spare change!

Here is advice from Bev for all of America's pet owners.

"My dream is that there be a state or county law passed, that if you own a pet, it has to spayed or neutered, as soon as it became of age. You only pay the surgery once and you can do it as eaily as how I was going to do it, by saving your coin change. Cut back on soda pop and sugar cakes, cigarettes, lotto tickets, something that you can do without for a little while in order to save so many lives. Just look if they had spayed Princess, they could have saved Samantha and her 13 litter mates from being born, saved Bear, Fats and their brother and other 6 litter mates from being born, saved the pups that Bear gave birth to and they died, could have saved the 3 pups born during Labor Day weekend and the 7 new pups, how many does that make? Just having Princess spayed in the first place. See what I mean. All these dogs were born, just since you, Donna, were here in July 2007. All those dogs could have been spared just by saving change. That's my dream." .....Bev, Sawmill Hollow

Bev, I did the math as best I could, and I have added up 33+ puppies born since July 2007 as a result of not having one animal spayed.

Our goal is to raise funds to help spay and neuter the dogs and cats abandoned on a lease near her home. Please help however you can, $1, $2, $3...whatever you can afford. We're at $170, and Bev has saved $170 by the methods she mentions above. Help us make the world a little better place, in Bev's small part of the world.


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